Magnetic Wooden Chopping Toys (Premium Set - Assorted Food, Fruits and Vegetables)

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✅ Premium set toys have greater details and parts. Enhances play experience! See photos for actual references of toys.
✅ This Magnetic Wooden Toys is made with safe materials- Natural beech wood and environmentally friendly, non-toxic water-based paint
✅ Uses magnets for easy cleaning.
✅ The edges of the toys are rounded (no sharp edges)
✅ It is easy to clean (wipe clean and air-dry)


Developmental skills that your child will develop through playing with the wooden chopping toys.
✔️ Enhances the development of fine motor skills
✔️ Develops eye hand coordination through chopping and attaching the magnets together
✔️ Develops matching skills (math concept) ✔️ Promotes pretend play and enhances child’s imagination
✔️ Enables child to relate toys to the real food, fruits and vegetables
✔️ Expands child’s knowledge & vocabulary of food, fruits and vegetables
✔️ Self-discovery of attraction and repel of magnets

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